RaspBerry Pi Pico blinky example

This example application runs out of the box on the Raspberry Pi Pico.



  • rustup to build the code

  • Pico SDK to convert binary from ELF to UF2 format. Follow the instructions there to build the SDK.


To build the firmware:

cargo build --release


Flashing the firmware uses the built-in bootloader on the pico (At present, probe-run does not support the pico).

First, power up the pico while holding the BOOTSEL button. This should put turn the pico into a USB mass storage device that will be attached to your computer.

To convert the firmware to the format expected by the SDK, run the elf2uf2 tool:

$PICO_SDK_PATH/build/elf2uf2/elf2uf2 target/thumbv6m-none-eabi/release/blinky blinky.uf2

To flash the device, copy the blinky.uf2 to the attached mass storage device (path may vary depending on your OS):

cp blinky.uf2 /run/media/myuser/RPI-RP2