nucleo-h743zi-blinkdance drogue-device example

This example application runs out of the box on the STM32 Nucleo H743ZI development kit.



  • STM32 Nucleo H743ZI development kit.

  • A finger or other stick-like device to push a button.


  • To build the example, you need to have rustup.

  • To flash the example on the device, you need probe-run installed (cargo install probe-run).


To run the firmware:

cargo run --release


If you’re experiencing problems, try setting the VID:PID values to that of your probe (you can find that from lsusb once your board is powered).

cargo run --release -- --probe <VID>:<PID>

Once flashed, the device will reset and look no different at first. Upon pressing the blue user button, the LEDS will randomly blink individually until the button is released.