Managing applications

Setting up a new application

This will create a new application, and connect it with The Things Network.


You will need create an account at The Things Network. As part of that you will need to:

  • Remember which region you are assigned to (e.g. eu1 for

  • Create an API key for this account with the permission to create new applications.

  • Remember the name of the user.


Create a new application in Drogue Cloud with the TTN-specific information:

drg create application my-ttn-app --spec '{
    "ttn": {
        "api": {
            "apiKey": "...", (1)
            "id": "my-app-alias", (2)
            "owner": "my-user-name", (3)
            "region": "eu1" (4)
1 The API key, must have access to create new applications for the provided owner.
2 The (optional) ID of the application in the TTN system. Defaults to the name of the application in Drogue Cloud. This valid must not be changed.
3 The name of the user owning the application. See Using an organization for details on using an organization instead.
4 The name of region, or a URL to the API backend.

This will enable the integration and trigger the reconciliation process.

You can also use drg edit app my-ttn-app to change the configuration of an existing application.

Taking a look at the TTN console, you should see the new application (my-app-alias in this case), and a webhook named drogue-iot.

Using an organization

You can also use an organization, for this you will need to change the owner to explicitly being an organization type:

    "spec": {
        "ttn": {
            "api": {
                "owner": {
                    "org": "my-org" (1)
                "owner": {
                    "user": "my-user" (2)
                "owner": "my-user" (3)
1 Use an organization named "my-org"
2 Use a user named "my-user"
3 Use a user named "my-user"

Deleting an application

Deleting an application will delete all devices in Drogue Cloud and the TTN system.

When all devices have been deleted, the application itself will be deleted in both Drogue Cloud and the TTN system.

Soft deletion

Applications in The Things Network are only "soft deleted". This implies that the name of the application cannot be re-used. So it is not possible to re-create or re-use the applicatio name.

However you can use an alternate application ID in TTN by setting the field to an unused value.