Drogue Device

Drogue device is a distribution of tools and examples for building embedded IoT applications in Rust.


In a world without memory management or operating system it is more important than ever to avoid memory corruption and undefined behavior. Rust is an efficient, memory safe and thread safe programming language.


Embedded systems must make efficient uses of the resources available. At the same time, having a programming model that fits embedded devices is important. Embassy, the embedded async project, delivers a fast and small runtime and hardware abstraction layer that also provides a great programming experience.


Code reuse and composition should be first class in embedded software! Use async tasks for writing efficient and composable applications. With traits, you can reuse application logic and compose other types to build new functionality.

IoT Ready

Many developers just want to have drivers and functionality ready to be used so they can focus on their application. Drogue Device provides out of the box examples for WiFi, LoRaWAN, BLE combined with different sensors available on boards. Most examples are ready to be used with Drogue Cloud, and some support Over The Air (OTA) updates.

Open Source

All software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license, no contributor agreement required.