An application is the container for devices.A user can have multiple applications, but each device belongs to a single application.

Creating a new application

Create a new application using the following command:

drg create app my-app

This will create a new application named my-app. If the application name is already used, you will receive an error, as application names are unique.

Modifying an application

Applications are defined by a JSON structure. It is possible to edit this structure in YAML format (for easier editing) using the following command:

drg edit app my-app

This will open an editor, and allow you to make modifications to the YAML source. When you close the editor, the change will be sent to the server for updating.

Deleting an application

An existing application can be deleted using the following command:

drg delete app my-app
Deleting an application may be delayed, as first all devices which require to be cleaned up will be processed. Once this is finished, the application might require cleanup too. Only once all resources are properly cleaned up, the application will be actually deleted.