Additional components

When deploying Drogue Cloud, or using the sandbox, you might encounter additional services, which are not part of the core Drogue Cloud architecture (yet).

Grafana & InfluxDB

The default deployment contains a Grafana and InfluxDB instance, which is set up in a way that temperature readings are automatically stored in the InfluxDB instance. The Grafana dashboard has an example dashboard visualizing these readings.

"Temperate readings" are identified by a payload being JSON and containing a temp field on the root level object.

This is considered an example, and allows to quickly try out Drogue Cloud services. Typically, Grafana and InfluxDB would be "user application", which would run outside the Drogue Cloud namespace or cluster.

Eclipse Ditto

Eclipse Ditto is a digital-twin solution, which can be integrated with Cloud Events and Drogue Cloud.

We have an "addon" deployment for this in our repository, and also deploy this on our sandbox instance. However, currently Eclipse Ditto is not part of the core Drogue Cloud infrastructure.

The integration of Ditto is a future goal, but as of now still a work in progress.