Deploying from the repository

Instead of running the installer, which installs a released version of Drogue Cloud, you can also directly from the repository, using :latest images instead. The same way, you can also deploy your custom-built images.

main and tagged versions

Deploying from the repository implies that you install latest or main. Even when you check out a tag or branch from the repository, this will always install latest. If you want to install a tagged version, use the installer.

Additional pre-requisites

Additionally, you will need to:

  • git

  • Clone the drogue-cloud repository

Deploy standard images

Installing Drogue Cloud, using the standard images, can be done by calling the "installation" script ( directly from the repsitory:

This is the same script as from the installer packages explained before. Thus is accepts the same variables/options.

Deploy custom images

If you built custom images, and pushed them to a container repository:

make build images

You can install them using:

make deploy