Deploying from the repository

Instead of running the installer, which installs a released version of Drogue Cloud, you can also directly from the repository, using :latest images instead. The same way, you can also deploy your custom-built images.

main and tagged versions

Deploying from the repository implies that you install latest or main. Even when you check out a tag or branch from the repository, this will always install latest. If you want to install a tagged version, use the installer.

Additional pre-requisites

Additionally, you will need to:

  • git

  • Clone the drogue-cloud repository

Deploy standard images

Installing Drogue Cloud, using the standard images, can be done by calling the makefile target deploy:

make deploy

Deploy custom images

If you built custom images, and pushed them to a container repository, you can deploy them using the following command:

make build images

You can install them using:

make deploy

Using the installer script for development

The makefile actually uses the installer script scripts/drgadm internally. It only passes in the right arguments, so that the installer will install images from a different registry, or use a different tag.

By default, the installer scripts, even on the main branch, will install a tagged version. Sometimes tagged versions are not yet available on the container registry, and thus, the installation may fail. It is therefore recommended to install "latest" images using the make deploy command.