Noteworthy services

Drogue Cloud consists of multiple internal and external services, as explained in this chapter. The following sub-sections list a few of the core services, considered interfacing points for users of Drogue Cloud.

Device Registry

Management API

The management access to the device registry.


Acting on device change events, operators will reconcile the desired state of applications and devices, with internal or external services.

Topic operator

The topic operator creates Kafka topics as required by the applications.

The Things Network operator

The Things Network operator (TTN operator) sets up a connection between Drogue Cloud and a TTN V3 instance. It will also synchronize devices from Drogue Cloud to TTN.


Protocol endpoints, used for devices to communicate with the system.

CoAP endpoint

A general purpose CoAP endpoint, providing a Drogue IoT specific API.

HTTP endpoint

A general purpose HTTP endpoint.

It provides API compatible with:

  • Drogue IoT

  • The Things Network

  • Eclipse Hono

MQTT endpoint

A general purpose MQTT endpoint, providing a Drogue IoT specific API.

Command endpoint

A drop-off point, with an HTTP API, for cloud-to-device messages.


Integration services allow cloud side applications to interface with Drogue IoT, in order to communicate with devices.

MQTT Integration

The MQTT integration is a multi-application, push based integration, which allows to use MQTT v3.1.1 and v5 for receiving events coming from devices.

It provides events in the MQTT cloud events format 1.0, in both structured and binary mode.