Microbit Bluetooth Mesh example

This example application runs out of the box on the BBC micro:bit. It starts as a Bluetooth Mesh sensor server(as defined by specification) reporting from the on board temperature sensor.

The example assumes that the nRF softdevice is installed.



  • BBC Micro:bit v2


Make sure you have the latest versions (cargo install <tool>) of these tools:

  • rustup - To compile the example with the correct toolchain.

  • probe-rs-cli - To flash the BLE protocol stack from Nordic Semiconductor.

  • probe-run - To run the example.

  • cargo-flash

  • cargo-binutils


Erase current settings

probe-rs-cli erase --chip nRF52833_xxAA

Flash nRF Softdevice

Download the softdevice version 7.3.0 here.

probe-rs-cli download s140_nrf52_7.3.0_softdevice.hex --chip nRF52833_xxAA --format Hex

Flash application

cargo flash --release --chip nRF52833_xxAA

When started, the device will blink an 'X' every 5 seconds.

When started, the device will blink a check mark every 5 seconds.


See the link:https://github.com/drogue-iot/drogue-device/blob/main/examples/nrf52/nrf52840-dk/ble-mesh/README.adoc[nRF52840-DK mesh example) for how to provision the device.