nucleo-h743zi-blinky drogue-device example

This example application runs out of the box on the STM32 Nucleo H743ZI development kit.



  • STM32 Nucleo H743ZI development kit.

  • A finger or other stick-like device to push a button.


  • To build the example, you need to have Rust Nightly.

  • To flash the example on the device, you need probe-run installed (cargo install probe-run).


Make sure you have the correct target architecture supported in rust:

rustup target add thumbv7em-none-eabihf

HTTP authentication will come from these entries in ~/.drogue/config.toml:

http-username = "..."
http-password = "..."


To run the firmware:

cargo +nightly run --release


If you’re experiencing problems, try setting the VID:PID values to that of your probe (you can find that from lsusb once your board is powered).

cargo +nightly run --release -- --probe <VID>:<PID>

Once flashed, the device will reset and look no different at first. Upon pressing the blue user button, the LEDS will cycle from green to yellow to red and back again.