Monitoring the deployment


Specifying -M during installation process will install Prometheus and Grafana allowing you to monitor your deployment.

You can do that both using installer:

./script/drgadm deploy -M

Or during development:

env DEPLOY_ARGS="-M" make deploy


You can find out the URL of the dashboard by running the drgadm script:

env METRICS=true scripts/drgadm examples

It should print something like:

View the metrics dashboard:

* Login to Grafana:
* Default credentials are 'admin/admin123456' if not configured differently


You can set values of the drogue-cloud-metrics Helm chart in order to configure various aspects of its deployment.

For example, the following will

./script/drgadm deploy -M -s drogueCloudMetrics.grafana.adminPassword=654321nimda

will change the password for accessing Grafana dashboard.