Managing devices

Setting up a new device

This will register a new device, and synchronized it with The Things Network.


You will need the following information for your device:

  • Device EUI

  • Application/Join EUI

  • Application Key

  • Supported LoRa capabilities


Create a new device in Drogue Cloud with TTN specific information:

drg create --app my-ttn-app device my-ttn-device-1 --spec '{
    "ttn": {
        "app_eui": "0123456789ABCDEF",
        "app_key": "0123456789ABCDEF...",
        "dev_eui": "0123456789ABCDEF",
        "frequency_plan_id": "...", (1)
        "lorawan_phy_version": "...", (2)
        "lorawan_version": "..." (3)
1 An ID of the TTN supported frequency plans, e.g. EU_863_870_TTN. Also see:
2 An ID of the TTN supported LoRa versions, e.g. PHY_V1_0
3 An ID of the TTN supported LoRa version, e.g. MAC_V1_0

You can also use drg edit device --app my-ttn-app my-ttn-device-1 to change the configuration of an existing device.

Deleting a device

When you delete a device in Drogue Cloud, it will also be deleted in the TTN system.

Disconnecting a device

If you want to delete the device in TTN, but keep it in Drogue Cloud, then you can simply remove or rename the .spec.ttn section.