Knative integration

A Drogue IoT cloud application can also act as a Knative event source. It will try to deliver events to the Knative serving endpoint you configure.

The difference to integrations like MQTT and WebSocket is, that in this case, Drogue Cloud will actively try to deliver events, rather than waiting for a consumer to attach.


You can configure this using the section .spec.knative:

    endpoint: (1)
      url: https://my-knative-endpoint
1 External endpoint definition as described in Defining external endpoints.

This will create a publisher, which will start sending new events as they come in.

Temporarily disabling

You can temporarily disable the source using:

    disable: true (1)
      url: https://my-knative-endpoint
1 Marks the source disabled

This will disable the source. It can later be resumed by setting the value to false or removing the field.