This section of the book is about some hands-ons workshops. They are focused around a specific use case and will walk you through the different steps, explaining what to do any why.

You need to bring a bit more time, and might need some preparation, but you will learn a lot.

We do have a Getting Started workshop, which walks you through the very basics of Drogue IoT Cloud. Unless you really know what you are doing, it is recommended to complete this workshop before anything else.

Supported operating systems

These workshops should run on all operating systems. However, testing them on all variations is a time-consuming task.

We mostly test on Linux and macOS. Windows should work as well but is, most likely, less tested. Should you encounter some issues, pull-requests are always welcome ;-)

Drogue IoT Cloud version

Some workshops may require a specific version of Drogue IoT Cloud.

When you self-host an instance, you can pick a specific version. However, in many cases you can also use the community hosted sandbox instance. The sandbox will always run the most recent, released version of Drogue IoT Cloud.


You are welcome to contribute to this repository. Contributing can come in multiple ways, including constructive feedback, fixes, enhancements, or new content. Should you consider to adding new works-shops, we would as to reach out to us first. And, be committed on supporting them in the future.