TTN account setup

The step will guide you through the setup of your TTN (v3) account.

If you already have an account, you can of course re-use that. However, we will still need to create an API key. Of course, you can also re-use an existing one.

Choose a location

Start by navigating to the "cluster picker":

Screenshot of cluster picker

Pick the location that is best for you and proceed.

Create the account

Login screen

On the login screen, choose "Login with The Things ID".

Login screen

Then, continue through the registration process by clicking on "Register".

Create an API key

Once you are done, you can create a new API key.

Click on the "Personal API keys" menu entry, in the top right corner of the screen:

Screenshot of profile menu

The click on the button labeled "+ Add API Key":

Screenshot of add button

This will take you the screen for customizing the new API key. Enter a reasonable name, and select the option "Grant all current and future rights". Confirm by pressing button "Create API key" on the bottom of the page.

Next, you will see a dialog page, showing the giving you access to the API key:

API key dialog

This is the only time you will have access to the API key, unless you copy it now. Of course, you can delete the API key in the TTN console and set up a new one.

Copy the API key, and store it somewhere safe! You will need it later on, but it will also give full access to your TTN account.

The API key is longer than the text entry field in the dialog. Either use the copy button, or ensure that you really copied all characters in this field.
The API key will give full access to your TTN account. Be sure not to leak it. Don’t make it public. If you did, e.g. by accidentally pushing it to GitHub, you can (and should) delete it right away.

Close the dialog by pressing the button "I have copied the key".

Gather all important information

From this step, you should have noted the following pieces of information:

Cluster location

The cluster location, e.g. eu1

Account name

The name of your TTN account, e.g. my-ttn-user

API key

The API key, e.g. 0123456789ABCDEF.0123456789ABCDEF (your actual API key will look different)